How to Form a Diversity & Inclusion Team at a Tech Company - Julie Menge

I went through 3 different rounds of trying to form a diversity & inclusion team at a tech company, and finally nailed it. I'll talk through who to involve, what NOT to do, how to get inspired, and what to do when you aren't hiring and can't immediately change anything about your company's make up.

The Mental Impact of Tech Interviews - Zack Zlotnik

Lengthy technical interview processes frustrate tech workers and can have a negative impact on mental health. While it is almost universally recognized that technical interviews are broken, the impact they have on tech workers are not being recognized. It's time to refactor tech hiring.

Easy React Content Management with GraphQL and WordPress - Jesse R Weigel

Learn how to combine the power and speed of React with the most popular CMS using GraphQL. In just a few extra steps, you can turn WordPress into a headless CMS running GraphQL. Import the data you need into your React app with one network request.

Future-Proof: Mastering the Timeless Skills You Need for the Tech Jobs of Today and Tomorrow - Scott Drake

In an industry that moves as quick as tech, it's normal to feel like you'll become obsolete if you aren't chasing new technologies. But the reality is most hiring decisions are based on a core set of non-technical skills too few possess. Want to become future-proof? This session will show you how.

How to Make it as a Junior Dev and Stay Sane! - Katelyn Hertel

Being a Jr Dev can be overwhelming & can lead to burnout quickly. In this talk I'll discuss the self care tips I used & how they helped me to ultimately love my job. I learned to ask for advice, manage time better, speak up when something didn't feel right, & take care of myself better!

Designing microservice architectures to drive effective collaboration between loosely coupled teams - Anastas Stoyanovsky

This talk discusses how to use system architecture to mediate short-term collaboration between semi-autonomous teams that have different incentives and backgrounds in order to deliver a cohesive product. A concrete example of a collaboration between IBM Watson and IBM Research is used as motivation.

Getting Started with Azure SQL Database - Chad Green

Are you still hosting your databases on your own SQL Server? Would you like to consider putting those up in the cloud? Then come and learn what exactly Azure SQL can do for you and how to go about moving your databases to the cloud.

Before the Death of our Sun: Lessons Learned in Building Performant Big Data Systems - Alison S Alvarez

Building data systems that perform tasks efficiently is hard; it's surprisingly easy to build functions that will not finish before the sun dies. This talk is to share knowledge gained from making mistakes when dealing with large datasets, from handling memory to doing the complicated stuff first.

A Token Walks Into a SPA... - Ado Kukic

Between Angular, React, & Vue it can be hard NOT to build SPAs these days. But having to deal with cookies, tokens, auth, & resource access - you may even feel like you need a second page (gasp!) for security! Fear not, for the technology to create truly secure SPAs is there and I'll show you how.

Building Dapps with Solidity on Ethereum - Aditya Relangi

Blockchains are here to stay and smart contracts are the future. In this talk, we focus on building a decentralized app on the Ethereum blockchain using the high level language solidity. We deploy the dapp on the live Ethereum net and talk about some of the challenges in writing smart contracts.

Scaling JavaScript Applications with TypeScript - Ryan Waskiewicz

The amount of JavaScript found in modern web applications is staggering compared to their counterparts of 10 years ago. As applications grow, so do their complexity & maintainability. Adding static typing to JavaScript aims to solve these problems, while enhancing the clarity of code simultaneously.

Example Mapping: The New Three Amigos - Thomas Haver

Example Mapping is a collaboration technique to help refine requirements. In a time-boxed session, rules summarize examples or constraints about a story, and questions about dependencies are documented. The result are requirements written as user behavior with a shared understanding among the team.

Lint, Laugh, Love - Josh Smith

Software developers have enough problems to focus on without considering if they're using the correct indentation or type of quotation marks. In this talk, I'll share how code linting has helped me catch more bugs, write more consistent code, and ultimately stay sane as a software engineer.

SEO Engineering Basics - Rainu Ittycheriah

Typically, SEO has been categorized in many people's minds as a marketing concept. At Eventbrite, we take SEO one step further by having a fully dedicated team. As someone on that team for the past year and a half, I'm happy to share the basics of beginning to solve the mystery of SEO.

Source control and git for the newbie - Craig Lang

"Newbie dev? It is inevitable that you will need to learn it. Not a developer? Do you edit files with multiple versions around? This talk aims to convince you that source control can be a useful tool. Also, an intro to a popular source control tool, git."

Fixing Production in the Hospital. Worst. Day. Ever. - Matthew Barlocker

On-call rotations suck at all companies. I hate them. So do most devops engineers. This talk is part ideology, part pragmatic advice, and part entertaining story about my worst on-call experience yet.

Containerized Applications - Day Two - Steve Sloka

Anyone using Kubernetes in prod has felt the pain of "day 2" issues. After `HelloWorld` is deployed, things like backups, config mgmt, and password mgmt aren't always properly addressed. See how apps can be delivered safely and reliably on Kubernetes and learn ways to get your apps to day three!

Integrating with Slack (from Someone Who Had No Idea What They Were Doing) - Kim Hardy

I had a great idea to use team morale metrics to facilitate continuous improvement for agile transformations, but couldn't get people to login to my web application consistently! In this talk I want to share how integrating with Slack helped me get the feedback I was looking for.

React Native and Expo: Native Apps without the Native Pain - Keith Kurak

React Native lets use JavaScript and React syntax to make cross-platform apps that are indistinguishable from "full native" apps. Most apps can be built without ever opening Xcode or downloading gigabytes of Android SDK's- you just need a few NPM packages to get apps running on your phone.

MVP is for Minimal yet Valuable Product - Ashish Anand

What if I told you that MVP did not stand for minimum viable product & the picture that appears every time we google MVP showing, a skate board that transitions to a scooter, which becomes a bike etc. is a wrong way to build an MVP. I build an MVP & want to share my awful experience doing it!

Architecture Decision Records in Action - Michael Keeling

Architecture Decision Records (ADRs) capture key architectural design decisions in a lightweight, simple, easy-to-create, plain text template stored in your existing version control system. In this talk we will learn how to use ADRs and see how we them at IBM Watson.

Refactoring - Saving Your Code From Yourself - Lorien Rensing

Writing code that does what you want it to is easy. Writing code that is easy to understand is harder. Fortunately, you are not doomed to code that no one can understand or maintain if you know how to refactor it.

Data Time Travel with SQL Server Temporal Tables - Sam Nasr

Many times developers have to support users by answering the "What happened to the data?" The task of retrieving data from a specific point in time is not an easy one. Now, with a few TSQL commands developers can see what the data was at a specific point in time, without restoring backups.

Senior Dogs Love Learning New Tricks: Gracefully guiding an objected oriented team into the functional programming waters. - Andrew McGuier

Whether you're an eager engineer or a supportive manager, introducing functional programming to an established object oriented team can seem to be an impossible dream. I'll talk about both the technical and the organizational challenges and strategies to bring functional programming into your team.

Front End is the New Back End - Benjamin Bykowski

Modern web development has led to powerful new frameworks and tools. Compare and contrast what's new and what's next from JS frameworks and package management to emerging CSS standards and bundling. This isn't an intro to React, NPM, and WebPack, just why they're so popular and what might be next.

How You Can Fit an Entire Factory in a Box Within the World of VR - Pete Bruns, Tony Joseph, and Jeremy Miller

How can you take an entire manufacturing facility around the world in a box? We solved the problems in 3 months with Virtual Reality, and will walk through the technologies involved, the tools used, the processes followed, as well as point out a few of the 'VR gotchas' we uncovered along the way.

Focusing On The Big Picture: End-To-End Systems Approach to Deep Learning For Satellite Imagery - Ritwik Gupta

Deep learning tasks are often complicated and require a variety of components working together efficiently to perform well. Due to the often large scale of these tasks, there is a necessity to iterate quickly in order to attempt a variety of methods and to find and fix bugs. While participating in IARPA's Functional Map of the World challenge, we identi- fied challenges along the entire deep learning pipeline and found various solutions to these challenges. In this paper, we present the performance, engineering, and deep learning considerations with obtaining, processing, and modeling data, as well as underlying infrastructure considerations that sup- port large-scale deep learning tasks. We also discuss insights and observations with regard to satellite imagery and deep learning for image classification.

The User Whisperer: How the Business Analyst role helped slay a 20-year-old enterprise software system - Byron Fruit & Nate Homitsky

After a year working on an enterprise software (ERP) migration, the development team still had a massive backlog and was not able to deliver the amount of work needed to go live with the new system. Developer and end user frustrations had grown to concerning levels. This is the story of how the Business Analyst role and a new software development workflow helped deliver a successful migration.

Just-in-Time Design: Five Keys to Agile UX Success - Jonathan Brown

Large IT projects average 45% over budget and 56% under functionality. How can design and development teams come together to build compelling experiences on time and on budget? The session will describe a successful approach to implementing Just-in-Time UX as an ongoing conversation between devs and designer. The goal being to reduce rework while ensuring the intent of the designer is implemented by the development team. During this lively session, the presenter will share the five keys to Agile UX success in the enterprise environment.

Agile: What’s The Point? - Brian Hall

Teams that "Do Agile", or even teams that ARE agile, should adhere to a set of process ceremonies to accomplish their team's goals. It doesn't matter if a team is utilizing Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, or any other methodology or framework, all have certain practices that must be done in order to be most efficient in your environment. However, many teams never bother to understand the point of doing things in a certain way. This session will outline those Agile processes and best practices that will help guide you and your team to manage projects effectively and avoid costly mistakes.